Thursday, 20 October 2016

Bonelli Graniti and the Breton Smart-Cut 800 CNC bridge saw

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the excellence of Made in Italyrepresents the Italian competitive advantage in a wide range of industries, from manufacturing to food, from design to fashion and from jewels to natural stone, etc.

Made in Italyis identified with “prestige, quality and exclusiveness
Craft activities, above all artistic, require a knowledge of the materials and manual working techniques to a high technical/professional level, even when using machinery. 

Bonelli Graniti of Fiesse, in the province of Brescia, is a company of craftsmen who, with skilled and creative hands, have made products such as those that can be seen in the photo below, with the help of unique machines, like the Breton Smart-Cut 800 bridge saw. 

Here is what a real craftsman can make with a machine that is up to it!

Speaking of the Breton Smart-Cut 800, 5-axis bridge saw, Mr. Giorgio Bonelli said: "Since this machine has been in operation, I couldn't do without it".
Not bad, is it?

If you are interested in the Breton Smart-Cut 800 bridge saw, you can receive all the necessary information and a quotation by writing to
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