Monday, 10 October 2016

Smart-Cut Duo with anthropomorphic robot

Breton Smart-Cut Duo with anthropomorphic robot.
A revolutionary, automatized cutting center for Erbi.

Erbi perfectly embodies the characteristics of the material it processes. Quartz and, more generally, compound surfaces are innovative, prestigious and resistant materials.
Similarly, the Dutch company that is part of Dekker Zevenhuizen group, has been availing itself of the best technologies to process quartz for years , so much so that 30% of kitchen countertops that are annually sold in the Netherlands are produced in its workshops.
Dekker (founded in 1930) has been aiming at high quality for over 85 years, offering its customers a wide range of kitchen and bathroom furnishing, working together with architects and interior designers and taking part to special projects (hotels, hospitals)
Kitchen countertops are one of the main businesses of the group, who decided to install an entire processing line for its products.

Looking for a cutting center that could perfectly suit that line (which already includes 3 Contourbreton NC 400), and aiming at increasing production efficiency while minimizing direct costs, Erbi found the perfect solution in Breton Smart-Cut DUO with Optidrive’s anthropomorphic robot mod. “KUKA.

A two-head cutting center (with 5 interpolated axes) mounted on two opposed, independent beams, with belt conveyor work bench and "MULTICUP" integrated vacuum cup system.

A machine customized with automatic disk change and a robot that automatically manages both the loading and the unloading of cut pieces, without involving any operator.

Erbi thus chose an extremely automatized cutting center, with the same foresight that is making many prestigious stone processing workshops choosing efficient machines that are able to reduce wastes and guarantee production flexibility.
Smart-Cut Duo performs simple and complex cutting cycles, as well as vertical or 45-degree cuttings by quickly moving the pieces along the work bench (thanks to the vacuum cup system), where any type of stone material can be cut either in plunge- or in step-cutting mode.

"Breton spa, innovation and technology for our customers since 1963."

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