Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Contourbreton NC300 DUAL Heavy CNC Stone Router equipped for maximum productivity

Contourbreton NC300 DUAL
Heavy duty double table CNC Stone Router equipped for ease of use and maximum productivity.
High productivity, sturdiness and safety.

The Contourbreton NC300 DUAL works stone in the fastest, most precise and economical way today offered by the technology, thanks to its peculiar characteristics and extensive travel of the axes (X=137.8in, Y=88.6in, Z=11.8in).

The support structure of the Contourbreton NC300 DUAL is a robust welded, normalised steel single-piece chassis which ensures the rigidity required to consistently obtain the desired precision at all times, even during heavy machining stress.

The Contourbreton NC300 DUAL fully complies with the CE industrial accident prevention standards
The machine is equipped with wide sliding doors which can be opened manually and have large plexiglas inspection windows; the doors provide safety and also help deaden sound. Two sliding doors are positioned behind the machine.


The new Contourbreton NC300 DUAL, a latest generation numerical control machine for working stone, is the evolution of the previous models which were sold worldwide and met a striking success.

The machine is totally designed, engineered and manufactured in Italy, using top quality components.

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