Tuesday, 21 March 2017

The video showing the Breton Shapemill as it creates a twisted column has been viewed more than 500,000 times!

Greetings all,
today I would like to share a personal achievement with you!

This is the brief story of how a video was made – it is actually a photographic sequence – which has been viewed more than 500,000 times this week on our Youtube channel!

Step-by-step, the video describes how a twisted column was made from a block of Bretonstone (engineered stone) using a Breton SHAPEMILL machining centre with 5 interpolated axes

and ends with finishing the work on the lathe.

The story starts in July 2008, when Breton management decides to bring this new machine to the MARMOMACC trade show in Verona.

I am sure that some of you already know it. It is an exceptional machine, both in terms of dimensions and performance.

We had to create some sophisticated items to place inside the machine on display to show off the characteristics and performance that were so innovative for a machining centre dedicated to natural stone.

One of my colleagues thought of making the famous twisted column now displayed prominently in the company's garden.

A technologist expert in 5-axis CNC followed all the phases step-by-step as our customer Kienesberger Steinmetz in Schlüßlberg (Austria) made the column.

Moreno Bragagnolo - The technologist who followed the whole process

It took almost 2 weeks of work to finish the job.

The accompanying music is not up to the standard of the video.

Scrolling through the photos, you will understand how difficult this machining was.

I took 2 days to choose the best photos from those taken, discarding the vertical ones, and enter them into the video to finish the project.

You will not believe it! I used the legendary Windows Media Video, extremely simple and free software from Microsoft. I was new to video editing and it shows.

I will end by saying YES, the Content is the KING!
If what you're describing is valid, interesting, innovative and above all useful to your reader/watcher, you don't need ultra-professional equipment, a film crew, a professional photographer, a lighting expert, a blogger, an influencer, a copywriter, etc.

If you are interested in works made on this machining centre, here you can see many others.

All you need is a series of beautiful photos, a video made with a smartphone (nowadays modern medium-high level mobile phones have excellent cameras), even better if it is accompanied by text to describe what you are showing in detail.

How did we reach the milestone of 500,000 views?
The video shows some very special and spectacular machining, so we put it in posts in this and other blogs in which I describe the Shapemill and the other Breton machines for machining marble, granite, engineered stone, ceramics and more. We also put it in the news on the company website and the page on the same site where we describe the machining centre and it has been shared on other sites too.

A final detail: you should know that the photos in this service were taken with an Epson digital camera worth €200. 

If the video of the technology applied to this extraordinary machine has left you dumbfounded and you would like to receive a quotation, just write to mail@breton.it.

We'll get back to you promptly.

Thank you.
Hope to see you soon.
Sergio Prior 

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