Thursday, 28 December 2017

MiterWave and Combicut: the perfect miter always, even with non-planar slabs

MiterWave: "if the world were perfect, it wouldn't be
(Yogi Berra)".

Often, if not always, the slabs of different materials, above all ceramic, are not perfectly flat or as flat as one might think.

Tensions, bad cutting, or imperfect calibrations are very common.
When you want to get a perfect 45° cuts (Miter) with a machine, you have to work hard and the result is not guaranteed.

Breton presents MiterWave, the hardware/software package to be able to perform perfect 45° cuts in all non-planarity conditions.

MiterWave, which is especially dedicated to ceramic slabs, automatically corrects the cutting paths for a perfect result.
MiterWave can be installed on CombiCut machines, even existing ones.

Write to for more information.

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Sergio Prior

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