Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Contourbreton NC260K - Born to work stone

The Contourbreton NC 260K is a cnc stone router specifically engineered for precision andlong term durability in stone fabrication shop conditions. 
The Contourbreton NC 260K series consistsof three models configured and able to be tailored to meet diverse applications always guaranteeing the maximum precision.
High productivity, sturdiness and safety
With the stone router Contourbreton NC 260K nothing hasbeen left to chance. Great care has been given to every detail. 

The machine is compact, well built, ergonomic, and aesthetically pleasing.

Engineered to work stone in the fastest, most precise and efficient manner provided by today’s technology, the support frame of the stone router Contourbreton NC 260K is such as to insure the needed rigidity to consistently obtain the desired precision, even when faced with heavy grinding stress. 

Contourbreton NC 260K complies with CE standards, and for the North American Market the electronics are cULus approved.

The stone router Contourbreton NC260K is equippedwith sliding doors which protect the operator from risks of being struck by flying debris and helps to deaden sound. 
The doors open manually to provide maximum accessibility and have a large inspection window for project monitoring.

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