Thursday, 19 January 2012

Contourbreton NC260K-Robocup

ROBOCUP SYSTEM ® - patented - is a revolutionary system that allows automating the positioning of the suction cups on the workbench as well as the piece loading and unloading. NO HOSES
ROBOCUP is a Breton Exclusive, and the Best System Available on the market to cut project cycle times and increase throughput.
The spindle automatically selects the double-acting suction cups from the store and places them on the workbench at the exact position of the self-blocking valves according to both the preset working program and the pieces to be processed.
A self-blocking device secures the suction cups to the workbench and assures the piece to perfectly stopon the suction cup.

Once the contouring has been carried out, the self-blocking device releases the pieces from the suction cups and the suction cups are then released from the workbench, the spindle automatically takes the suction cups and places them in the proper store, and finally a suitable pressure washing system washes the workbench before starting a new cycle.

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