Tuesday, 3 January 2012

The Cutting Edge magazine interview Eliot Mazzocca of Lido Stone Works

Each month, the MIA profiles an employee from one of our member companies. This month, we welcome Eliot Mazzocca of Lido Stone Works to the Cutting Edge profile page.

Q: What is your role at Lido Stone Works?
A: I am the owner and operator.

Q: How long have you owned and operated Lido Stone Works?
A: It will be 10 years this January 29th.

Q: Did you start the company or buy it from someone else?
A: I started it with $500.

Q: What sparked your interest in the stone industry?
A: I owe all of the credit to my father.

Q: What was his involvement with natural stone?
A: He owned a family business called Mazzocca Ceramic Tile and Marble Corporation.

Q: Can you talk about what affect the economic situation in this country is having on your business?
A: It has affected our middle market manufacturing, the countertop market. We took a sincere approach back in 2008 in diversify our business. We decided to take on masonry, mercantile manufacturing for large chains, and high end commercial. We stuck to our guns and put a lot of resources into high end residential, and with great success we actually increased our sales and our profitability, and grew the company throughout the recession. You gotta know your markets.

You want to rub 2 nickels together and get .11 cents...that is the goal. It Doesn’t matter who the players are, the integrity of the business and the people in the business that create relationships make the difference. Service is a huge priority at our business every day. Response time is stressed every day.

Q: How do you convey that to your employees?
A: Employees see me actively involved in every aspect of the business and they see how we take profits and put it right back into the business. I don’t live high on the hog. We want to get the latest technology, and have our employees educated and trained through repetitive practice. I make sure my employees know that they will make mistakes, but that we will get up the mountain together. It is the repeat mistakes that bother me.

Q: You mentioned you like to reinvest in the company. Is there a particular new machine you are really excited about?
A: I have taken a tremendous risk in pioneering the latest technologies with a 5 axis CNC machine and 3-D software. With that risk we have some fundamental reward. The result is we are pioneering technology In the US that is proven in Europe. They are ahead of our systems here. I am doing it here and creating a manufacturing base on a global level. Long Island can and will be a manufacturing base for natural stone to support the hub of New York City, Connecticut, and New Jersey. Whatever the demand, we can manufacture it here. I am going to put everything I’ve got on the line to make it happen. The company that is supporting me along the way is Breton.

Q: Eliot, that is great stuff...thanks for joining us!
A: It was my pleasure, I will see you and all your colleagues at StonExpo!

(thank to The Cutting Edge magazine)

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