Monday, 24 February 2014

CNC stone router Contourbreton NC260 second-hand in good conditions

Good morning,
Today I’d like to propose you a reliable used “Contourbreton NC 260” in EXCELLENT working order, at a REALLY CONVENIENT PRICE!
It's a CNC stone working centre with three interpolated axes, specially engineered to shape, contour, mill and drill items of granite, marble, engineered stone and stone in general. 
Ideal machine for producer kitchen top.
Distinctive Features:
- BRAND NEW spindle equipped with adjustable pneumatic preassure device for polishing horizontal and inclined surfaces (12 months warranty);
- wide useful working travel: 3.500x2.300 mm;
- rapid movements of up to 60 metres per minute;
- mobile bridge in order not to hinder the piece loading and unloading onto the work-table;
- automatic tool-store with 18+16 positions;
- HSK-B80 type tool-holding cone connector ensuring maximum rigidity;

- the machine structure is manufactured from a single piece of steel to ensure maximum rigidity;
- the machine is equipped with a tank for the processing water collection and piping, thus it does not require special foundations but it is simply floor-anchored;
- the machine complies with the CE standards

Technical Specifications:
- “X” axis useful working travel        3.500 mm
- “Y” axis useful working travel        2.300 mm
- “Z” axis useful working travel           260 mm
- tool max. diameter                           140 mm
- tool max. length                               200 mm
- spindle rotation max. speed         9.000 giri/min
- spindle motor power                       10,5 kW
- spindle connector                          HSK-B80
- total capacity of the tool-stores     18+16 utensili
- “X” axis advancement speed        60.000 mm/min
- “Y” axis advancement speed        40.000 mm/min
- “Z” axis advancement speed        20.000 mm/min
- Overall dimensions                  5.800x4.150x2.800mm
- sound power level                        90 dBA
- sound pressure level                    80 dBA
- machine weight               approx. 8.000 kg

The machine comes complete with:
- spindle inclination, 
- 4th axis, vacuum cups, 
- tool tapers, stoppers, 
- 90° cutting head, 
- 45° cutting head 
- head for rounded disk
Furthermore, the price includes the installation charges and a 12-month guarantee.
If you wish to know the price of this machine, write to
Sergio Prior

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  1. hello. ı want buy a this machines. how much is it cost? I am waiting your answer.

  2. Dear Mr. Metin Altuntas,
    write to with you nationality
    best regards,
    Sergio Prior

  3. Davorin Vrbancic5 March 2014 at 20:30

    15 years working on Breton machines and NC 260 is by far the best

  4. Dear Davorin Vrbancic,
    I agree with you
    Sergio Prior

  5. I was beginning to work with NC160 and after with NC350 and most recent with NC250 and NC260. Are the best CNC for stone industry.

  6. Thank you!

    Sergio Prior
    Marketing Manager
    Breton spa