Thursday, 13 February 2014

Breton uses Windows Embedded for remote assistance

In June 2013 Microsoft visited Breton at Castello di Godego and realized this wonderful video!

ASEM, our supplier, with its Ubiquity solution won the "Windows Embedded Intelligent Systems Partner Excellence Award" in the Global Manufacturing category. 
The award recognizes each year Microsoft partners that stood out by delivering creative problem-solving intelligent solutions to customers.

In August 2012 Breton and Lido Stone Works began installing an intelligent system, called Ubiquity, designed by industrial automation pioneer ASEM and based on Windows Embedded, the Windows Azure platform, SQL Server, and the Windows Server and Windows operating systems.
Lido Stone Works, a custom manufacturer of stone products, wanted a more automated production environment, so it asked Breton, a well-known machinery manufacturer, for help.

Lido decided to implement an intelligent system from Breton and Microsoft that connects manufacturing equipment with central servers.
The solution includes ASEM Ubiquity software based on Windows Embedded.

As a result, Lido has increased revenue by 70 percent and productivity by 30 percent, while Breton has cut travel costs by approximately € 400,000 (US$ 524,000) by assisting customers remotely. 

Most importantly, the solution is helping Lido realize its potential for innovation.
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