Tuesday, 18 February 2014

The first Shapemill NCF 1600 K55 installed in the USA

Hello everybody,

Today I’d like to talk about the first Shapemill NCF 1600 K55 installed in the USA, purchased by Keystone Memorials Inc. in Elberton, GA 30635.
Keystone Memorials Inc. is a company whose core business is the production of monuments and mausoleums.

The version of Shapemill machining centre for natural stone purchased by Keystone Memorials is the K55, the largest machining centre Breton ever produced since it makes it possible to process a block of 4.500x3.000x1.500mm in height (177.2x118.1x59.1”).
Its working travels are the following:
X-axis = 4.000mm (157.5”)
Y-axis = 5.500mm (216.5”)
Z-axis = 1.600mm (63”)
The A-axis rotates from 0° to +115° and the C-axis rotates at ±200°.

Shapemill spindle releases a power of 36 kW at 6.000 rpm.
The Cartesian axes have the following advance speeds:
X-axis = 0÷40 m/min (0÷1,574 ipm)
Y-axis = 0÷40 m/min (0÷1,574 ipm)
Z-axis = 0÷30 m/min (0÷1,181 ipm)
The A- and C-axis rotation speed is 12 rpm.

Shapemill 1600 machining centre can hold a disk with maximum diameter of 1.000mm (39.4”).
The tool magazine has 27 cells and the maximum length of the tool is 450mm (17.7”)

Keystone MemorialsShapemill is also equipped with a lathe enabling to produce columns and twisted effect details with dimensions of ø 1.080/1.600 x3.200mm in length (ø 42.5/62.3 x126”).

The overall dimensions of Breton machining centre are the following: 8.500x7.850x6.500mm in height (334.6x309.1x255.9”).

As you can see in the picture above, Shapemill began producing as soon as it was installed.
I will show you the workpieces produced by the second Shapemill installed in the USA shortly.
Ask for an estimate to mail@breton.it
Sergio Prior

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