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Scantech SL 3D and Breton Shapemill? Magic experience

A Scantech SL 3D Scanner has been installed at Keystone Memorials Inc. Georgia USA. Keystone Memorial, Inc. a major producers of granite monuments, public memorials, mausoleums and columbariums in Elberton since 1942.
The city of Elberton claims the title “Granite Capital of the World,” annually producing more granite products than any other city in the world. The family owned company Keystone Memorial, Inc. has recently invested in a Scantech SL 3D Scanner and a Breton ShapeMill CNC for their production of granite monuments.
Here an example of the creativity of Keystone Memorials
A family wanted a special monument for a dear deceased that all her life has been designing lampshades. In honor of her memory the family wanted a vintage “Aladdin White Alacite Model B Lincoln Drape” kerosene lamp with a lampshade made of granite for her grave.
An vintage “Aladdin White Alacite Model B Lincoln Drape Oil/Kerosene Lamp” 1940-1945. 
More about the lamp on
Ross Oglesby from Keystone Memorials had to coat it with a white removeable powder to scan the translucent glass lamp. Only the top part was scanned with the Scantech SL 3D Scanner.
The lamp was carved out in granite on a 5-axis Breton ShapeMill machine.
The foot that carries the lamp was enhanced to carry the heavy lampshade.

All details are preserved in the granite, even the threads of the oil fill. Next step is to make the lampshade – more about this later…     
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