Monday, 24 March 2014

Shapemill and Angels by Keystone Memorials

Another great project of Keystone Memorials Inccombining artistic work, 3D Scanning, CAD/CAM and 5-axis CNC machinery.
New technology and men of vision moves boundaries for what is possible. Ross Oglesby from Keystone Memorials explore new ways for making high end memorials.
Artistic ideas carved into hard granite made possible with Scantech SL 3D Scanner and Breton 5-axis ShapeMill CNC machine, saving weeks of manual heavy work.

Courtesy by Keystone Memorials Inc. Georgia USA and Scantech.
Sergio Prior

2 commenti:

  1. Absolutely beautiful and amazing. But, it all has to start with an artist sculpting the model. The ability of the software and hardware, all working together to faithfully reproduce that model is a true blending of art and science.

  2. Good morning George
    it is true what you say.
    Best regards