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How to increase your production of kitchen countertops

Casa Del Caminetto was established in 1980 by the brothers Bernardino and Giovanni Costenaro in Cinto Caomaggiore, a town in the Province of Venice; in those days, the company employed 5 workers and its core business was the production of fireplaces that were commissioned especially by a major producer of the area.

Today, after more than 30 years, the company employs 32 workers and has two production plants (the original premises in Cinto Caomaggiore and the second production plant - Fuoco Arredo in the surrounding area) and a show room in Gruaro, another town in the Province of Venice.

Nowadays, Casa Del Caminetto produces custom-made stone furnishing complements for both the national and international market, exporting about 50% of its products. The company works a vast array of top quality marbles, granites and engineered stones and, thanks to most advanced technologies teamed up with the experience of marble masons and master craftsmen, has the ability to perform from the simplest to the most complex type of machining, including inlays for customizing fireplaces and kitchen tops. The in-house technical department works closely with architects and experts in Italy and abroad, dealing directly with the turnkey execution of the projects.

The major key factor of Casa Del Caminetto is its farsighted choice of utilizing technological innovations. Thanks to numerical control machines for sawing, shaping and water jet cutting, the company achieved an unrivalled precision machining complying with the project framework and time agreed with, and can propose leading-edge solutions to architects and buyers.

Customers are followed by a team of technicians with a good knowledge of each single stage of the project: from the on-site inspection, to the selection of ideal solutions and materials, to the installation, in order to make the execution of each project exclusive and customized.

Casa Del Caminetto utilizes 4 Breton machines in its production plants:
- "Smart-Cut S/NC 550 Optima" bridge saw
- "Smart-Cut S/NC 550" bridge saw
-  "Easycut FE 600" bridge saw 
-  "Goldengroove CTV" V-grooving machine

There's no doubt that the most innovative and flexible machine is the "Smart-Cut S/NC 550 Optima" bridge saw that offered the following competitive advantages:
- Minimum servicing by the operator  
Rapid execution of complex cutting schemes thanks to the vacuum cup integral with the spindle for the automatic movement of workpieces during the different cutting stages
Automatic optimization driven by the powerful management control software in order to utilize the slab useful surface to the full
Excellent cutting precision
Easy to use thanks to the user-friendly software with always new interesting releases that can be downloaded from internet
- Fast and effective technical support

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