Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Breton Worthy - CNC bridge saw with rotating head and fixed workbench. No foundations!

No more foundations ! 
The new Breton bridge saw for marble and granite WORTHY needs no foundations: it is simply ground-fixed.The advantages are: machine rapid starting, foundation cost saving and transport easiness since, in the future, you may move your machine wherever you desire, both rapidly and economically.

Machine composition
- Monoblock structure in galvanized steel
- Spindle travel in steel structure.
- The beam is moved by "gantry" system rack pignon.
- Spindle holder carriage in welded steel.
- Recirculated roller guides, driven by brushless digital motor, pneumatic cylinder for balancing weight.
- Twisted head with ±190°rotation on axis "C" and 0 to +90°manual rotation on "A" axis.

- Power of spindle unit motor 13 kW + inverter, speed rotation 1,000/4,500 rpm.
- Laser tracer for displaying cutting path.
- Frontal attack ½ gas for mounting small hole.
- Carter for disc 350/600 mm.
- Fixed worktable in galvanized steel structure with bench covered by wood.
- Manual lubrification.
- Front slide protections (conforming to the CE directive).
- Managing unit (CNC) Siemens 840SL.
- Control console with colour monitor 15".

- WORTHY is equipped with a simple portable push-button panel to control its major functions in order to both operate the machine in the manual mode and make easier some operations to be carried out within the working area.
- Tilting worktable, max. weight 800 kg

- Set of fixed, non-opening rear barriers made of plate, with no inspection ports.
- “A” axis rotation motorized.

- meter thickness slab.
- Control diameter disc device.
- System with digital camera to acquire the slab image (installed outside the machine).
- PC station + printer of labels with bar code.
- Printer of label.
- Manual bar code scanner.
- Electrical cabinet certified by a NRTL.
- Software package Mod. GEST/PROF for the generation of simple profiles on small blocks.
- Software licence to be installed on a PC. Networked with the machine through Ethernet technology, this software enables the drawing, the import of pieces from DXF format
- Software package for the order management and optimization of pieces.

Write to to get additional information and purchase the bridge saw.
That’s all for now.
Sergio Prior

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