Thursday, 23 October 2014

Breton CNC bridge saw Smart-Cut 550 OPTIMA - the BEST cutting line!

Hello everyone,
Perhaps you already know Breton Smart-Cut S/NC 550 OPTIMA bridge saw.
First of all, enjoy this short video where you will see the impressive performance of this bridge saw, from slab loading to dimensioned piece unloading.

1. The slab is loaded by means of an automatic loader with vacuum cups

 2 - The material defects are highlighted with chalk markings
3 -
The camera takes a picture of the slab that is immediately displayed on the operator’s control panel

4 - The area of the slab where pieces must be cut is optimized by the software.

5 -The bridge saw starts the cutting cycle.

6 - Pieces are moved; up to 400 kg can be lifted and shifted.
7 - Routings are cut on the material back-face for the application of reinforcing rods (“rodding”).

8 - The machine performs the final cuts.

9 - At this point, the dimensioned pieces leave the machine and are ready to be unloaded.


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Sergio Prior

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