Tuesday, 7 October 2014

How to create a masterpiece with SHAPEMILL

Hello everyone,
For sure, who visited MARMOMACC in Verona made a quick stop in the Hall 1 to see the “Stone Design & Technology” exhibition that was organized by Veronafiere and developed by Mr. Raffaello Galiotto
The goal of this event was to debate some specific aspects of the processing techniques (bridge saw with 5 axis capability, tool, diamond disk, lathe, robot, waterjet, etc.) through the exhibition of 8 major and 6 micro works of art, original and experimental, specially planned by the designer and developer Mr. Raffaello Galiotto for Italian leading companies in the stone field. 

One of these works of art is the column realized by Messrs. ODONE ANGELO using a SHAPEMILL.

Here under you can see the film sequence showing the machining phases of the column that was entirely processed USING THE DISK ONLY!

It is indeed a free interpretation of the traditional fluted column created using a diamond disk and milling lathe.

The disk sinks into marble following paths which are not parallel with respect to the cutting axis.

The surface is therefore modelled and brushed thus generating complex and deep shapes featuring a high finish degree.

It took about 90 hours to produce the column and 10 hours to make the base.

What else can I say? When I saw it, I stood speechless: a column with such an impressive shape made of marble!

Congratulations to Mr. Raffaello Galiotto for his project, to ODONE ANGELO for the complex execution and to Breton SHAPEMILL, the machining centre with 5 axis capability that never stops amazing me
I hope you’ll like it too.
Should you be interested in SHAPEMILL, write to mail@breton.it for INFO and prices: we’ll get back to you promptly.
Well, that’s all for today, thanks for your attention.
Sergio Prior

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  1. I don't understand how a machine can be compared to the masters. The masters that worked in stone created their master pieces by hand and it took a remarkable amount of talent and time. How is this talent?

  2. Good morning Anonymous,
    Shapemill talent is producing a so complex column (single piece) USING THE DISK ONLY. I wonder if a master working marble could succeed in doing the same.
    Best regards,
    Sergio Prior