Tuesday, 14 October 2014

CORA, a sculpture by Raffaello Galiotto produced with the SHAPEMILL of KIENESBERGER STEINMETZMEISTER

Hello everyone,
Besides the amazing column created by ODONE ANGELO company, another work of art designed by Mr. Raffaello Galiotto aroused curiosity at the “Design & Technology” exhibition that was hosted by MARMOMACC: “CORA”, a sculpture produced with the SHAPEMILL machining centre belonging to KIENESBERGER STEINMETZMEISTER.

In CORA stone resembles an organic material rich in cavities and curved and twisted tunnels therefore the technique to produce it came up against a particular difficulty: curved drilling. 

The problem was solved by using a milling cutter controlled by the C axis and a ball-head mill with a thin shaft.
The drilling path was checked carefully to avoid collisions between the thin shaft of the tool and the wall.

In this manner, they executed a first 90 degree curved cavity that, joined to a second one, widened the hole up to 180 degrees

It took about 60 hours to create "CORA".

A beautiful piece, do you agree?
Congratulations to Mr. Galiotto for his project, to KIENESBERGER STEINMETZMEISTER for the complex execution and to Breton Shapemill, the machining centre with 5 axis capability that never stops amazing me
I hope you’ll like it too.
Should you be interested in Shapemill, write to mail@breton.it for INFO and prices: we’ll get back to you promptly.
Well, that’s all for today, thanks for your attention.
Sergio Prior

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